Learn About Fish Sunset Cruise

Fishes of the Lower Connecticut River Sunset Cruise

Ever wonder what is happening under the surface of the Connecticut River?  

What fish are there and when?  What is being done to protect the fish and their habitat?

Every cruise we get questions about the fish that inhabit our part of the CT River.  Here is our chance to get all those questions answered!

Join us on RiverQuest for a very Special Sunset Cruise with Fisheries Biologist Steve Gephard.

Steve is a supervising fisheries biologist with the State of Connecticut, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Inland Fisheries Division. He is in charge of the Division’s Diadromous (fish that migrate between fresh water and salt water) Fish  Program and its Habitat Conservation Program. He has over 35 years of experience with diadromous fish species and fish passage projects.

This will be a relaxing, informational cruise.  Bring a picnic, favorite beverage and any "fishy" questions you may have!

RiverQuest will depart from Eagle Landing State Park in Haddam at 6:00pm on August 16, 2017.  Cost per person is $30. Easy on-line booking on our Reservations Page.


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