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SW Florida Eagle Cam 

Harriet laid 1st egg 11-22-16 and the 2nd egg 11-25-16! A month earlier than 2015!

E9 hatched 12-31-16




Berry College, GA 

Mom laid 1st egg 1-3-17 and the 2nd egg 1-7-17!

2-9-17 Pip!





Decorah Eagles, IA





Mr. President & The First Lady, Washington DC


Egg #1 2/10/16,   Egg #2 2/14/16

DC2 hatched 3/18/16,  DC3 hatched 3/20/16


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CLICK: Hummingbird Migration Map to refresh for the 2017 map

 Spring Ruby-throated Hummingbird First Bird Reports

 - Live cams of Eagles, Osprey, Snowy Owls, Puffins, Bears, Bison, Fish and sooo much more!


CT Fish Migration:

2016: (started 2 weeks earlier than 2015)

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 3/15/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 3/23/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 3/29/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 4/26/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 5/24/16 

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 5/31/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 6/07/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 6/14/16



OSPREY Tracking website: HERE 


Essex Land Trust Osprey Cam: 11_ospreycam.html


All About Selden Island:

Cams we love to watch :)


Peregine Falcons in Hartford


Pale Male:

NYC Red Tailed Hawk, beautiful still photographs and video clips


Woodie Cam:

Punky the Hooded Merganser started laying eggs on 1-6-16 as of 1-29-16 she has 17 (including a couple from an intruder)


Wind in the United States:

 Cool map showing current wind spped!






Pertinent information for processing your easy online booking:


To reserve your spot on any cruise, please review the following information and then click on the “Reservation Button” below:


:: Fill in all the required fields/information. 

If nothing happens after you push the “Checkout” button (located at the bottom right of the page), look at the input information. If there is a small red asterisk to the right of a field, you need to put something in that field.

NOTE: the CVS (also known as CVV or CSC) number is the three digit number after the signature block.


:: Provide a phone number where you can be reached. 

The phone number you supply is the number we will call in case of a cruise cancellation. If you use your cell phone as your “primary” number, please fill that number in both fields.


:: NO spaces in the credit card number. 

Do not use spaces when you enter your credit card numbers.


:: Check the Calendar. 

If the cruise you want is not listed for reserving, but it is on the calendar and our Special Cruise page, please send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view i).  View Calendar>>


:: Your Confirmation email is your ticket.

You will NOT receive tickets, once you book, you will get a confirmation email (which you should bring with you). That means you are on the list and can just show up! If you do not receive a confirmation email, let us know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


:: Charging your Credit Card:

When you book, your confirmation ticket will show a $0.00 Deposit. That is because your card will not be charged until the day before the cruise, day of the cruise or sometimes after the cruise (sometimes I'm behind!).


:: Gift Certifcate recipients:

Please go to the Gift Certificate Page to see how to book your cruise.


:: Children under 2 years old:

Kids under 2 are free, HOWEVER, they count as a person, so, please book them in the "under 2" box on the reservation page. If there is no box, confirm that children are allowed on the cruise. Thanks! 


Our Reservation Policy is as follows:

If we cancel the cruise because of weather, safety issues or other circumstances, we will try to offer a re-schedule, if we or you cannot re-schedule, you will NOT be charged.

Therefore, do not be afraid to book a cruise, even if the weather is looking iffy (remember clouds/light showers are okay), there is no monetary risk for you. For Special Cruises, we need a minimum amount of people to run the cruise and if we do not meet that minimum before the cruise, we may cancel it....bummer!


- IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP: Please know that if you do not show up for a cruise that leaves the dock, you will be charged. Your ticket is no different 

   than a ticket to a Broadway show or baseball game. On a sold out cruises, a spot has been taken from others who may have wanted to come. Please

   arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time.

- If you choose to cancel your cruise on the day of the cruise, or you do not arrive on time, you forfeit all money, gift certficates and vouchers paid.

- If you have an issue and need to cancel, you will NOT be charged if you cancel BY EMAIL within 24 hours of departure time.  

- If we need to cancel, we will make every attempt to contact you, however, it is also your responsibility to check the website ( or text or call

   860-662-0577 before you come for the cruise.


Thank you! We look forward to seeing you aboard!


Once you click on the button it will bring you to a SECURE site to process your payment



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Phone: 860-662-0577

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